Monday, February 25, 2008

Zoe helps clean up lunch

After lunch one of Zoe's teachers was cleaning the table and sweeping the floor. After reading books for a while Zoe came over, picked up a plate gave it to her. Next, she picked up an apple. The teacher said said “Throw it away in the trash.” She did and then picked up the spoons and cups from the table and tried to also throw them in the trash can. After the table was cleared she washed the table with water, helped sweep and pushed the cart out of the room.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The effects of sugar

Zack insisted that we make 'chocolate hearts' so Andy went and bought a heart cake mix for kids that we baked and decorated. Of course, Zack had also eaten as much of his Valentine's Day candy as he could get away with, licked a bit of the cake batter and tasted the decorations. So suddenly, Zack says (after eating his piece of his heart cake):

"Mommy, I want to run around the block."

So at 8:30pm last night, if you were in Redwood City, you might have seen Andy, Zack and Tobey running down the sidewalk.