Monday, April 30, 2007

First Cooperation?

I really need to have the video camera nearby. So, one of the funniest things to watch with twins is the battle over a single pacifier. If they are sitting near each other, one will pull it out of the other's mouth with a "pop" and put it in her mouth. Then the other will reach out, grab it and and pull it back out with a "pop" and put it back into her mouth. This continues back and forth, and usually (and surprisingly) without either one getting too upset. Well this morning we had another pacifier battle, but this time after a while, Zoe took it out of her own mouth and reached out and gave it back to Zadie. It seemed as she thought this was more of a game rather than a posession battle. Is this the first step in cooperative play?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

First Day Swimming for the Girls

Today we took the circus to the pool and started lessons for all 3. Zack gets a private lesson at the same time Jen and I both have the twins in a "mommy and me" swim class. Well, both girls did very well, even better than Zack's first time at the same age of 8 months. They each went completely underwater at least a half-dozen times and remerged just fine. Zoe would give a concentrated look of disapproval at times, but Zadie would quickly go back to grinning ear-to-ear. Zack worked on diving head first today, and it was very cute to be in the pool with the girls and look over to see him standing on the edge of the pool in a diving position with arms outstretched waiting for his teacher to help him dive in head first.

Zoe just pulled herself up to standing all by herself today. I think she'll take her first steps when she turns 9 months. And we'll probably have to get a helmet...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Active Imagination

Zack was in rare form after dinner tonight and was excitedly explaining how he wants to be Superman/Batman and fly around. I recorded the end of his story, and you can hear it by pushing the play button on the GarageBand podcast widget at Tales from the Crib. If you think he sounds excited here, the first half that I didn't record was even more dramatic, and very cute.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crawling and Teeth!

Boy, it's been a while, but the updates will be coming more frequently now I promise. Zoe has been crawling for a month! She is an active little one, and will be skipping the chubby-baby phase because she is moving around so soon. She started crawling right when she turned 7 months, which is 2.5 months earlier than Zack. She's also standing well and taking some steps with assistance. Zack walked at 10 months, I think she will walk at 9 months (and she was even born a month early)

Zadie is now crawling too now, except she mostly goes backwards. But she got her first 2 teeth about 3 weeks ago! She's been great at eating solid food and taking naps. She's a little more chubby than Zoe, but that may melt away when she starts crawling forward.