Saturday, June 26, 2004

We have rollover!

Well, with Mom away for the day, Zack decided today was the day to impress dad, except dad missed the big event too.
Zack was on the floor on his play mat on his back while I was preparing a bottle. I had to run to the bathroom to grab a q-tip to clean one of the bottles. When I returned 20 seconds later, Zack was on his stomach looking very bewildered and starting to cry. Zack has now officially rolled-over on his own. Since the event this morning, Zack has done it once more and I almost missed that one too. It looked so effortless, I didn't realize what I was watching until he was on his stomach. Well, now begins the period of time in which he will wonder why he rolled oer to begin with, since he can't do much on his stomach. Let the crawling lessons begin! I guess we will have to start think about baby-proofing the house for a soon-to-be-mobile baby!

Updated pics and videos are at Zack's Website