Sunday, March 26, 2006

hockey fan

hockey fan, originally uploaded by Drumbone.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Big News

I'm now part of the initial start-up team for a mobile services company called Mozes. Our beta service, which we just launched last week, I thought would be the perfect way to make an announcement. try texting "bignews" to 66937 on your mobile phone and see what comes back to you.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cold Turkey Day 2

Day 2 was far easier. Although Zack did ask for his pacifier and tried to smile and look cute and ask in a variety of ways, he really only got upset when I told him that he couldn't sleep in the big bed because Mommy had work to do (true - but I also was hoping for a better night's sleep). He whimpered and called out and cried for about 10 mins or less and then fell asleep. I'm thinking tomorrow it will be even easier.

AND - I forgot to mention yesterday morning's adventure in Mom's bathroom. I had some work to do for the folks in Europe and wanted to get out an email before leaving for work. So Zack took this opportunity to pull out a tampon from the basket in our bathroom, unwrap it and run around the house playing as if it was a mouse. Squeak, squeak...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cold Turkey, Rocky Baby and the Big Bed

Well, the time has come. Mom has insisted that Zack go cold turkey without the pacifier. After Zack slept in our bed on Sunday night and I spent all night hearing the difficulty he had breathing through his nose and inability to let go of the pacifier to BREATHE better, I have decided he will sleep much better and get more oxygyn if he doesn't use the pacifier anymore. Dad's away - ha! - so he can't protest and cold-hearted mom is ready to battle it out.

It wasn't so bad, he whined a bit, cried a bit and then asked to sleep in the big bed with mom. Given that I have already made him a little upset by not giving in, I felt it made sense to let him sleep with me. And besides, Dad's gone, there's lots of room!

So as I'm tucking him in, he says, 'sing mommy?' (how can I resist that!) and I sing Rockabye Baby (not being able to think of any other nighttime song - but what a weird song... babies falling out of trees?). And Zack says 'more rocky baby?' So I sing it again... and again... and again... until the both of us fall asleep together. So cute!

Now, for those of you who remember being pregnant, you often wake up at night. So everytime I'd wake up I'd peek over at Zack. At first, he had his head on the pillow, but then it was down at the bottom of the bed, then he was diagonal and one time had scoot over so that his head was flopped over the edge (I pulled him back that time). But the best was when I heard: rustle, rustle, thump and then giggling from the floor. I popped up, ran over and Zack had rolled off the bed and onto Tobey's bed - barely missing Tobey himself. For some reason, instead of the crying as one would expect, Zack was giggling and looked like he was just going to go back to sleep right there on the dog bed. Well, I put him back in bed and created a pillow baracade so it wouldn't happen again.

Finally, this morning, Zack suddenly flips his head around and looks me straight in the eye and giggles again. Wham - awake. Just like that. Of course, it was only 6am...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pancake Transport

While having pancakes on Saturday morning, Zack was getting full and then got a little adventurous. He would take a bite out of a pancake and then bring his cup of water to his mouth to drink except he would spit out the pancake bite into the water. He did this a few times exclaiming, "I put it in there!"

On an amazing scavenger hunt note, the other day zack was playing with his toy trains and then walked to his room and exclaimed "Turn ite, turn ite" (turn on light). When we came in and did, he went over to a small dresser and located a face for one of the trains that had been missing it. He gave the train and face to me and said "fix it daddy" I coudn't find the face previously it had been missing for over a week, so he must have seen it, and then knew right where to go when he found the "broken" train again. I was quite amazed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random snapshot

SnapShot of Zack at 2 years 1 month and 2 weeks.

Favorite book: Go Dog Go
Favorite TV show: Bob the Builder
Favorite food: Oat-e-mail for breakfast. Yogurt and Cereal Bars
Nap time: 12:45-2:45
Bed time: 8:00pm but often babbling or listening to his crib music until 8:30 or 8:45.
Wake time: 6:45am still solid sleep thru the night, thank goodness.
Fussy times: when it is time to stop playing and eat dinner, when it is time to stop playing and take a bath.
Potty update: The most progress we have so far is when he stands in the bath, he sometimes says he wants to potty and we hand him the bowl and he'll pee in the potty bowl while standing in the water.
New Language tricks: Zack is using similie a lot. He has said "We are going faster, like a racecar" and, referring to his blanket toss, "I throw it like a baseball".
He also likes saying words over and over and slightly modifying them to get to different words, like "Thanks...Fanks...Fank...Fit...Toes Fit"

Monday, March 06, 2006

When mom is away, the boys will play

Jen is travelling for a few days for work and Zack and I had a fun weekend.
* I picked him up to carry him in a flying manner to the changing table and he said "Super Baby!" I don't remember having said that for many many months.
* Zack likes to play a computer game that tickles Elmo. I dressed him up in his Elmo branded clothed on Sunday, and during our car ride to the store, I heard non-stop giggling from the back seat. Zack, wearing an Elmo shirt, was literally tickling himself to tickle Elmo, and it was non-stop giggling the entire ride.
* Zack made up his first song at dinner. The Neemee Neemee song. It goes "Neemee, Neemee, NeeMee......NeeMee NeeMee NeeMee...(giggle)" It sometimes became "Nemi Nemi Nemi"
*I had a heck of a time getting him to eat his lasagne and apple sauce. I was just met with crying. He finally asked for yogurt, so I gave him some, he took a few bites, and then happily ate everything else. Go figure.


Zack finally discovered the Pachinko machine I had been hiding in his closet all along. I was waiting for the right time to introduce it to him and I guess it is now. The balls are just smaller than marbles, so I'm making sure he only plays with it when I'm around. He was of course very fascinated with launching the balls and watching them bounce down. The interesting thing is that he spent more time looking at the back of the machine and all the mechanics of how the balls are sorted and channeled. He found out how to manually release groups of balls at once and found that to be very rewarding. I was periodically empying the tray at the bottom back into the top, and they he said he wanted to do it, and ended up doing a good job and not spilling too many. This is going to prove to be a captivating toy, I know i've spent many many hours with it too.