Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Funny Blogging Video

Here is a funny 30 sec video made by Dorrian Porter about kids and blogging. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Father Son Smackdown

The stitches came out today, and Zack was very brave. He got his first two sugar-free lollipops today. One for getting into the room (which he later bit into while the doctor was in the room and said "It's crunchy" prompting a look of awe from the doctor), and one for getting the stitches out. His cut is healing nicely, and the same could be said for my nose. It is easy to forget the dangers of the small sharp fingers of a toddler. While kissing his tummy, he tried to block me with his hand, caught a finger in my nose and hooked it hard enough to cause it to bleed for about 5 minutes. He follow that up a day later with a headbutt to the bridge of my nose. So after 5 days, Zack (with a black eye and stitches) and Dad (with a bloodied, swolen nose) appear to be even.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

That's what you get for jumping on the bed!

Tonight we had our first trip to the ER! It was sad but exciting, and everyone's fine now. Zack was jumping and flopping on the bed at grandma and grampas and didn't realize the perils of a headboard, because there isn't one at home. well he hit the edge of the headbord pretty hard and split open the skin on the side of his left eye. We had a nice long cry as we put some ice on it, but it was big enough to go into the ER. So grandma, grampa, Zack and I piled into the car and went to the hospital (that grandma ironically works for). Zack was pretty calm throughout the waiting period and on the gurney. He was in his PJ's so he was pretty cute. We read many books to him in while they prepped the room, but when they started wheeling in the tray for the stitches he started to get nervous. And unfortunately we had to put him in a "papoose" which is a restraint that keeps him totally immobilized. This was terrifying to him, but I was right there with him while they spent the 5 agonizing minutes of putting in the 4 stitches. He was very very brave. When they finished, we all said "all done!" "horray!" and we released him from the papoose, and his demeanor instantly changed. He stood up and smiled, and the crying was all done for the rest of the night.

One observation: In our ER room, all the immediately available tools/bandages/materials were in a large stand-up Craftsman tool box on wheels. It looked like someone wheeled it in from an auto shop. Although I have to imagine it is functional and cost effective, costing only $200 whereas a medical cart would cost much much more.

4 stitches

4 stitches, originally uploaded by Drumbone.

in the ER

in the ER, originally uploaded by Drumbone.