Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First Anatomy Lesson...

I was giving Zack a bath today and was leaning over the tub. He was staring at my chest and said, "What's that?"
Being a mom that wants to be honest, I said, "Those are my boobs."
Zack says, "You have two." He pointed at each of them "One, two."
"Yes..." I said.
"What's that?" he said pointing again.
"My cleavage?" looking down to see what he was pointing to.
"Boob package. It's a package for boobs."
I laughed, "Yes, it's called a bra! It is like a package for my boobs!"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Strong preferences

Zack has expressed opinion in the past when asked about what clothes to wear. But now he's starting to proactively demand what he wants to wear. Last week, he wanted to wear his boots to school during a warm day. And the other day he wanted to wear red shorts. BTW, red is his first official favorite color.

We tried teaching a knock knock joke to Zack today. It ended up a bit like this:
Me: "Knock knock"
Zack: "Who's at the door?"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Broken Arm?

Zack fell in the hallway and had a minor bump against the floor, banged his arm against the wall and was whimpering a bit. He came to me, holding his arm. I kissed his arm (which was fine, just a bruise) and then he said to me,
"I need some batteries for my arm"
"Why?" I asked puzzled.
"Because my arm doesn't work."
Jen and I couldn't help but laugh.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Zack's Little Finger

At dinner today, Zack peeked his finger over the side of the table and said, "hi." Thus began a long conversation between his finger (named Zachary) and mine (named Mommy Finger). He put his finger under the table and said, "I'm hiding." Then he stretched his arm away from me and said, "I'm far, far away." His hand went up in the air, "I'm flying!" and it dunked into his milk "It's cold!" The cutest was when I showed him how my finger could dance and wiggled it around. He said, "I can't, I have no feet." Then I asked if his finger would like some lasagne and he explained, "I have no hands." When my finger crept up and threatened to steal a grape, he said, "You can't, you have no hands." We went to have a bath and his other finger joined, "We're going swimming."

I figure as long as it doesn't start saying "red rum" then it's all OK. ;-)