Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's on your left shoulder?

Zack surprised us tonight with that question as I walked into the bathroom where he was getting a bath. On my left shoulder was his blankie, but I was surpised as how accurate he was given I was facing him. For the past few months he's been uncanny in his right/left accuracy which amazes me because I distinctly remember having to ask my sister which was right/left when I was around 6 or so.

Zack quote of the day "The Space Shuttle does not have a penis"

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Questions about the baby

I had a funny conversation with Zack recently about one of his baby sisters I was holding and soothing while sitting on the couch.
Zack said, "Can I touch her?"
I said, "Yes"
"Can I see her tummy?"
"Yes" as a lifted up her shirt for him to see
"Can I kiss her?"
"Can I see her hair?"
"Can I take off her hat?"
"Can I touch her hair?"
"Can I run my car up and down on her head?"