Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zoe slept through the night!

First time she went from 7pm to 7am! Actually she probably fell asleep around 8pm because she was crying for quite a bit, but she lasted all this time on having taken just 4 oz during her last 6pm feeding. I'd rejoyce more but the fact that Zadie still wakes up twice means that we don't gain any sleep with Zoe's feat, but it is a step in the right direction!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Zacky Einstein

Who needs Baby Einstein videos when Zack is more than willing to play with baby toys in front of the babies?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Zack comments on love

Check out video of zack at the coolest new parenting site Maya's Mom.

And then check out this hilarious video response to Zack's video

4 MonthTwins Update

Wow, I'm really behind on the updates, so here comes a whole bunch.

While the twins just turned 5 months old, here are the results of their doctor trip just after 4 months.
Weight: 13lb 2oz (50%)
Length: 24.75 in (75%)
Head: 40 7/8 in (50%)

Weight: 13lb (50%)
Length: 25.5 in (80%)
Head: 41 2/8 in (55%)

We thought at the time that they measured Zadie incorrectly since Zoe always looks taller, but as the month has gone on, it really is Zadie who is growing faster and bigger than Zoe. She's been making up for lost time and for being the younger sister.

Zoe rolled over at Xmas! Exactly at the 4 month mark just before xmas, Zoe rolled herself over from her back to her tummy. Since then she does it very frequently and will almost always end up on her tummy when given the chance. We haven't seen her roll back to her back yet. Zoe also is doing very well with picking up and manipulating things. She clearly had made the connection between what she wants and what her hands can do. She can pull out a pacifier and wave it around and look at it, but can't quite get it back in yet. Zoe's skin is still sensitive, someties she'll have red blotches on her face after rubbing it or after nursing.

Zadie isn't rolling over yet, but she is able to keep herself in a sitting position, wheras Zoe cannot. Zadie is also very talkative and excitable. She smiles constantly and really fixates on faces and other people. She surprises us with how far away she can recognize people and objects and react to them.

For sleeping, we've kept them swaddled and are only now starting to relax that restriction. We've started sleep training them, which means that we have set times for naps and meals, and are adjusting them to that schedule. It has been a breeze for Zoe who now goes down at 7pm and will wake up only once before 7am. Zadie's been a bit more tough, having to cry it out for 15 min or so at 7pm, and then needs to eat twice before wakeup. Zadie also cannot comfort herself unless she's swaddled, so that transition may take a while.

Less than a month left for breast feeding, we are trying to make it to 6 mo.

The twins are more like sisters rather than twins, since they are showing different personalitities. If I were to guess now at 4 months as to how they may develop here it goes:
Zoe is very interested in observing how things work and manipulating things, so she like Zack has a little bit of a mechanical interest. She's a bit shy however, we call her our delicate little flower since she has sensitive skin and new environments and situations can be alarming to her.
Zadie is a people person and is more interested in people than anything else. She is very comfortable with new situations and smiles at everyone. She is very vocal and like to make many noises. She may turn out to be more extroverted than Zoe. She's the one who will get herself and her sister into trouble as teenagers...

The interesting thing is that I saw some of these traits (which i would classify as "nurture" rather than "nature") at birth, such as during their first week, if there was a loud noise, Zoe would be the one who would jump, and Zadie wouldn't be bothered. It makes you wonder what characteristics are nature vs. nurture.
So to recap: Zoe is more interested in objects than people, and Zadie is more interested in people than objects. They are starting to discover each other and interact, so we'll have more cute stories to come.

Friday, January 05, 2007

First Word Read

For those who are keeping track at home, Zack's experiment with underwear thru the night was not a success. And what was worse is that his accident didn't wake him up, so he finally woke up cold and wet. But we've done well since with dry diapers at night and will try again soon.

Anyway, Zack identified his first word a few weeks ago. It's not CAT or DOG or CAR. I guess as a sign of the times, it came about as he was looking over the shoulder of one of us on the computer, he pointed to the upper left of the screen and said "Google". Yup, there it is, Google is his first word identified by himself.