Friday, June 23, 2006

scary sharks

While in San Diego, we attended a birthday party with our friends Becca, Eric and their little ones Retta and Jack. They had a huge blow up slide, jumping thing, but when Zack crawled through one of the parts there were sharks. Here he is saying 'scary, scary, get me up' and we told him to punch the sharks so they wouldn't be scary anymore.

At the theater

On a whim, we went to the Children's Theater production of 2 little pigs in Palo Alto. The same company that I took summer classes with, the same theme song sung before the show "The Children's theater is lots of fun" and the same guy running the program! Zack seemed to enjoy the dancing kids, the singing and the play itself. He clapped at the right times and commented on where the big bad wolf was a couple of times. But, given that he's related to me, I was not surprised when he stood up in the middle of a scene (we were right in front) and said "I want a cupcake."

Silly stories

So it's been a while since we've posted, so the silly stories have been piling up! So we're going to try to remember all of them...

Zack has now watched the movie Madagascar at least 8 times on the DVD in our new minivan (or vinivan as zack says). As it turns out he's been talking about it in school and at one point his teacher said 'well I guess I ought to see that movie too.' Zack became very serious and said "you may come to my car and watch it anytime."

Because it's summer, Zack has been going to bed late and getting up early (a couple of times at 5 in the morning!). If we've left his door open, he comes running into our room and says 'wake up time!' while we sleepily try to explain that the sun hasn't even come up. Of course, that isn't very effective when the sun actually comes up at 6am and Zack yells "the sun! I see the sun!" One morning he came in with the duck whistle, walked all the way around to Andy's side of the bed and then blew it as loud as he could QUACK! There are also mornings where we have left his door closed, so after playing for a few minutes in his room, he'll knock on his door and call for us to let him out. And, of course, we often let him in our bed in the mistaken assumption that we might convince him to go back to sleep (never happens). One morning he jumped on me and after saying 'don't jump on Mommy' I realized I needed to give him something TO do - this is called re-direction and the daycare has taught us to use it. So without a better idea I say "go jump on Daddy, Zack." ;-)

More to come as we recall them...