Monday, May 09, 2005

Zack's first music video

So with Mother's Day arriving, Zack starred in his first music video. He takes FlashDance to a new level... Please contact me with any publicity requests.

For the 40MB wmv file click here You may be able to stream this one.
For the 80MB mpeg2 file, click here

Both of these are hosted on and I'm evaluating different hosting providers, so let me know if this works well.

The Contender

Below is a picture of Zack after going 12 rounds in a match on the new reality series "Toddler Contender" where they pit up-and-coming boxers against each other at a very early age.

Actually, Zack has pinkeye. His first (and certianly not last) sickness contracted from daycare. 1 hour before the picture was taken, his eye was so swolen it wouldn't even open. But eyedrops have been clearing it right up. If I thought wiping a raw and bleeding bottom was the worst of the necessary things to do to a child, I stand corrected. It seems as if trying to get a single drop in the swolen eye of a toddler can elicit new depths of screaming and pain. Only 12 more times to go, says the medication...

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Being a dad is...

putting on your shoes only to find a matchbox car hiding inside one of the shoes. just as long as the car keys aren't hidden...