Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First Haircut

Oh, and I forgot to mention, on Sunday, Zack got his first haircut. Now maybe he'll be mistaken less for a girl. :-) I'll post a picture soon.

15 Month Checkup

So I've been quite tardy on the updates recently. We had our 15 month checkup last week.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 26 pounds (75%)
Height: 33 inches (95%)

We've been informed by friends that for amusement parks, the min height requirement is 36 inches so zack may reach that before he even knows what an amusement park ride is!
Zack just started daycare and seems to be loving it.
So as the Daddy Sabbatical ends, here are the facts that were tracked over his 11-15 month time frame:

Zack Stats at 15 months:
-Tooth count: 6, but a molar eruption is about to occur. (4 @11mo)
-Weight: 26 pounds (23 @11mo)
-Height: 33 inches (31 @11mo)
-Words: a torrent of new words such that I can't count all of them anymore. I would estimate spoken vocab of around 30 words and an understood vocab of 60. He is responding correctly to complex sentences with different nouns and verbs, such as "Zack, can you smell the grass? Zack, can you give mommy a kiss?" His favortite new word is "Hockey", and one word that seems to mean many things is "Kah-goo" or "Dah-doo" which can mean "Cracker, Tractor, Dragon, etc". Oh and we can finally imitate a kitty-cat with a resounding "MEEE-OWWW!"
-Special Skills: running, kicking, throwing, dancing. he seems to have an early gift for balance and body movement. We see him shifting his weight all round his toes and ankles, even his tippy-toes in a way a dancer might. He hasn't started jumping yet, but that may start soon. We love love love to read books, and it seems as if he can't get enough. His current favorites are Pat the Bunny and Big Dog, Little Dog. We've learned to play the drums, but don't show a strong desire to listen or sing to music yet. We are just starting experiments in drawing/painting.
-Food: eating mostly people food with a strong penchant for dairy products. He has become quite fussy and unaccepting of new food. uses a sippy cup, but doesn't like juice yet. (not much change from 11mo)
-Naps: One a day now from 12-2, although he may steal a cat nap in the car occasionally. Still sleeps through the night from 7:30pm - 7:00am , thank goodness! (2 naps and occasional waking @11mo)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Friday, April 01, 2005

Catching up and talking

Sorry about the lack of updates. I'll follow with a physical update at his 15 month check up in a few weeks, but in the meantime here is what has been going on the this first half of being 14 months:

Talking: Zack has been really talky lately. I've rigged a mic connected to the computer to work with the software Sound Snooper to voice-activatedly record his crib babble. It hasn't worked so welll so far because the mic or software produces an annoying level of background signal noise, but i'll have to fix that. Needless to say he is very cute and his vocabulary of spoken words is:
Ball "baah"
Star "tar"
Toy "toyie"
Wheel "wee-oh-wee-oh-wee-oh-wee-oh"
Bike "bie"
Balloon "bah boo"
Bubble "buh buh"
Hi "Hieee"
Bye-Bye "buh bye doh"*
Daddy "dah-ie"
Mommy "mah-ie"
These are in addition to about a dozen or so other words he understands but doesn't say, and a chorus of about 6 animal noises. he likes to make.

* we finally realized where this extra syllable came from. We would say "Say bye bye to mommy" or "say bye bye to the doggie" and he would say, "bye bye to"

A Picture Share!

A Picture Share!